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Publishing has changed out of all proportion over the past years with the advent of the digital age. Before publishing meant books, magazines, newspapers. Paper, ink, large machinery, storage and large capital outlays. But for publishing all has changed. Now publishing takes in every aspect of writing communication blogs, rich content for websites, newsletters, manuals and of course the traditional publishing stalwarts newspapers, magazines and books. Digital publishing has made mass accessibility a reality with the online environment. Readers are able to find published topics of every kind on the web and are able to download titles at the press of a button. Equally, digital publishing enables ‘on demand’ and ‘boutique’ publishing meaning that no longer is there a requirement for large numbers of books or magazines to be printed and stored awaiting distribution. Instead a few copies can be ‘run off’ for filling specific orders. HuntRevenue Publishing (www.huntrevenue-publishing) the owner of Waves is able to provide a broad and highly experienced team to assist with all aspect of a client’s particular publishing requirements. 

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Exclusive 20% discount to attend eTail Nordic!

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